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Hi friends im not try to convince ,i somehow dreamt that DC would win the cup..
reality is that every match lost by team was by just a mere margin.i always used to remeber the tags like 'go rohit go' go deccan go" posted by our friends, so i felt
this team would and can make the finals ...all you fans thanks for the support extended
and wish this legcy continues again in next tournaments

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I am delighted with the result. Before the IPL began my favorites were;
I have had to shuffle the order. DC became my firm favorite after they dropped VVS and I saw Fidel Edward bowling. I'd have played Dwayne more than Harris. Choosing 4 foreigners is tricky. And I am surprised how Venu and Uthappa have survived so many games, especially the latter.
RP, Rohit, Pandey, Murali and Kumble are my cricketers of the IPL. Gilly and Kumble the best thinking captains.
I am happy DC had a cricket mind in the pits in the form of Lehmann.
Most critical moment of the tournament-Gilly stumping Virat Kohli.
Catches of the tournament were made by Raina and Harmeet. Best batting display, Gilly 86 in the S/F.
hey venu..congrats dude..............atlast we won.. and why not..DC deserved it and the trophy is the gift for the millions of DC fans...on behalf of all the fans i would like to Congratulate and appreciate DC Team for putting so much hard work and extra efforts...Gilly n his boys are just unstoppable...and they proved it!!!!!!!!!
really we r proud of all DC tem members


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