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Warriors needed the early wickets to give themselves a chance to defend the mediocre total set up by them. Thomas and Nehra started off honestly, Mahela had the most of the strike against his name in first few overs thus depriving Sehwag of strike. Daredevils lost early wicket thanks to indecisive running between the wickets and Mahela had to walk off as both openers ended up doing mid wicket meeting. After the Mahela, Sehwag got into the act by striking two fours. Wright playing his first game of the season slammed straight away by Sehwag for a six and a four. Sehwag threatened to take the game away from Warriors in mere blink of an eye. Pietersen joined his captain and took the full advantage of the field restrictions. 61 came off first six of the power play. Ganguly came himself to bowl in search of a wicket. It was like as if two batsmen were having competition between them of scoring boundaries rather than bowling giving them tough time. It was all easy for the belligerent right handers as 100 was raised in 10th over. Sehwag was really in brutal mood as he set about to finish the game himself for Daredevils. Peitersen tried one hit too often and ended up skying one high up in the air for Ryder to catch. It seemed impossible to stop boundaries for Warriors. Almost everyone over bring at least a boundary which meant no pressure on the batting side. Sehwag fittingly finished the game with massive six off Sharma to keep Dehli top of the table. Really it was no match with Sehwag being in such a brutal form. To start with Warriors had not enough on board but Sehwag in such form even 200 would have been less. 

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It is really sad how Sehwag's talent was wasted in the qualifiers


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