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Daredevils received a thumping defeat at home the other day, it was their much talked about batting that cracked under pressure. After smooth sailing campaign throughout the tournament, it was bit of a blow. Today, they needed a win to come back to their usual good and be at top of the table. Every one of Daredevils batsman had good outing with the bat except the captain himself. He looked good in providing quick short starts but big innings was still missing. Today it was the day when captain got it absolutely right. From very start of the innings Sehwag went after the bowling as if there is no tomorrow, that's so typical of him. The special thing today was that he did not throw his wicket after getting a start, he started to milk the bowling with singles and taking occasional risk rather going for boundary every ball which he is so often found guilty of. Partnership of Peitersen and Sehwag gave no hope to Warriors of coming back into the match. Both punished the bowling as if bowlers were found guilty of doing severally unlawful deeds. Daredevils were missing one thing i.e. captain back in runs, today he did that to perfection. It looks as if Daredevils have all bases covered for this season’s title. Their bowling has been the best attack of the tournament. Their ace bowler Morkel is firing all cylinders with his pace and bounce. The batting side looks a complete one with Peitersen and Mahela already in form and now Sehwag joining them. Really, to me they are the favorites for this season’s IPL. It will require some doing to stop them this time around.   

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captain came to form but gambhir has been the best performer among captain in IPL 2012 SEASON.

Sehwag was always in form, but he is unable to play under pressure. This is the biggest reason for Delhi's ouster from the tournament.

Ghambhir may be a good captain but his team owner is even better


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