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There could only be one man of the match in the Bangalore Royal Challengers’ win over the Kings Punjab XI, and it was of course Chris Gayle. Gayle has done some amazing things in this competition. He seems to have resolved to be very watchful early on with the idea that he will get a big score and will catch up the run rate. It has certainly worked very well so far. It is refreshing to watch a quality player back themselves to score big runs and not give in to the temptation of going too hard too early.

There really isn’t a purer striker of the ball in the world. Gayle may be the type of player who always frustrates because he never quite fulfils whole apparent potential. He may also always be a player that is followed by off the field action and events. However, what a player he can be when he is on his game. It is so good to have a player like that involved in cricket and involved with twenty20 cricket when the game is trying to advance and expand its audience.

Gayle’s innings was great, but the importance of the bowling from the team’s veterans should not be forgotten with Zaheer Khan, Daniel Vettori and Andrew McDonald. McDonald’s own bowling should not be lost in any of this. He was inserted in as a player who can offer a bit with the ball and bat. He may not be a Nannes or Dilshan, but he has proven in this competition so far that he can bring a decent game and a strong balance to the starting line-up of the Royal Challengers.

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