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The haryana bowler Ajit Chandila left a mark in this IPL with a hat trick, thus justifying his captain decision to opt for him in place of injured pankaj singh. Given that Dravid could not remember the name of the spinner during toss ceremony, the tall off spinner performance ensured that he leaves a remarkable mark on his captain and the IPL fans.


Having played previously for Delhi Daredevils, the Haryana all rounder is new to IPL fans. But on the domestic league while playing for Harayna, Ajit has managed to grab the wickets of big boys of Indian national cricket team.  This was a big moment for Chandila because he was given a chance in a much crucial match for Royals.


In a surprise move, Dravid decided to hand the new ball to Chandila. Bowling the first ball to Ganguly, Chandila bowled a short length and Ganguly stole a single run. The Haryana off spinner run up was barely few steps and he tossed up his ball at slow pace. Since the bowler is only two first class match old, probably his action would have been hardly studied by the opposition camp. In the second ball of the first over, chandila again bowled a full bowl outside leg and ryder opened his account with a single run.


Probably both the opening batsmen were trying to gauge the new bowler. Sensing an opportunity to hit, Jesse Ryder decided to hit the fifth bowl. But he completely mistimed it and gave an easy catch. The first wicket in the first over was a big morale booster for Chandila and thumbs up to the decision of Dravid. The last ball of the first over was the second success for Chandila and Royals.


Pune Captain Ganguly was cleanly stumped before he could return back to his crease. With hat tricks in the offing, the first ball of third over had the name of Utthapa. Trying to hit it through the off, the pune batsmen comes forward to hit the ball but his completely beaten by the ball giving an easy stumping opportunity for the wicket keeper.


Chandila finally ended his hunger for wicket by grabbing the wicket of Majumdar in fifth over. It was a dream match for Chandila with bowling figures of 4 for 13. He not only threw the Pune out of their chase but he also made a strong claim for a chance in playing 11. His performance won him the man of the match award and the accolades of IPL fans.

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