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In match 29,MS dhoni is the man of the match.Is it wrong or right?? May be jakati take this award??he take 4 wickets

R u satisfied my question??????????? i m also fan of dhoni.

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Any cricket aficionado could see Jakati's performance was much more crucial, a nugget of gold that we do not come across every day.
thanks for reply-prabhu
DEFENTLY jakati IS THE best Ipl doing selfish on selecting the man of the match . in this match dhoni is worth for nothing
not at all
it may be goto mr Morkal,thet he taken main wicket of mr gilcrist
Jakati gave a sterling performance but at the end of the day...58 of 37 balls really made the target a really difficult one for the Chargers to attain. It's important to give the bowlers something solid to defend. Not taking anything away from Jakati, but with 120 on the board, the bowlers may have been under to much pressure to perform...and the Chargers batsmen would have not been under any pressure. I think Dhoni did well and deserved it.
i think wrong. jakati was real winner
rp singh is doing well n hyden olso good raina is very goood


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