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Looking at the initial stages of tournament frankly say.... something missing in it
say the quality of cricket..intesity of players
entertainment value of it ...
thrilled ..commentators,crowd and the multi cultural party atmosphere ....
compare to IPL national feeling are more in ICCT20...(i wont say its bad)

But I miss u IPL....

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Yes, I do agree. IPL is more apealing then ICC T20. But for us to establish as the Indian Team ICC T20 - we must perform bro.

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no doubt about it... i dont knw wat to say on this WCT20 event.. its just pothetic....or may be it should have been held before the IPL2.. hehe
Agreed. In future, they should fine ICC if they conduct WT20 with any less entertainment value than was provided during that season's IPL. lol.
IPL's entertaining value is much better, without any iota of doubt.
i guess things might get better when we get to super 8.
coz the level of competition will increase as there wont be any minows
but that was not the case in the ipl. it was facinating..from the day one....
that party atomosphere and the multicultural.. players... great..it was..
In IPl players are playing just for money but in T20 world cup all the teams and players are playing for their national pride.This type of sentiments are missing in IPL.When a team lined up before the match for their national anthum that feeling only can get by representing the country. May be you have also felt some thing in your heart when your national team lined up and your national anthm was played. I have seen in IPl even after loosing the match player are laughing and chating with each other,no tension no worry but have you seen the faces of losing teams's player.You might have seen the pain & agny on the face of Ricky Ponting,player have left the IPL matchs because of their national team is required them. Andrew Flintof was the most expensive player of the IPL (1.5 Million US$) he left the IPL to represent his national team.This is the diffrence of IPl and T 20 world cup.
dont under estimate the value of ipl in international arena. Even the national selectors of every country are glued to select their players from it. Do you think ppl like David beckam, Kakka and all are playing only for money.
If money can bring a players best effort its good naa..?

You wrote there was no tention after losing match.. i feel you didnt see the IPL mathces at all.
i remember how tensed and desperate the KKR team members (so as all the teams)was to perform well and to win.

i agree ICC T20 is much more valuable than IPL matches...but some big things are missing in it....
As you said the selectors are selecting the players for national team on the performance of IPL. Why the selectors did not select Adam Gilchrist,Shane Warne and Anil Kumble for T20 world cup,performance of these player was outstanding. Gilly is still better opening batsman than what they have now.The main attraction in IPL is THANN THANN GOPAL(Money).How a player can leave IPL who got 1.5 million US$,because to play in national team is their top priority.No doubt IPL matches are entertaining but the value of ICC T20 world cup matches are more than IPL matches.To play for their country player are not getting even 50% of what they are getting from IPL but still their first prefrence is to play for country.Ask IPL management to organise IPL at the same time when T20 world cup held than you will see your own national teams player will not play IPl.IPL is a cricket tournament but it is run for business for making money.Every one is making money from IPL,player,cricket board,sponsers even ICC.
Tariq......dont be so chlidish...
they players dont want to come back into the international cricket arena...thats why ..selectors are not looking at them..(you forget they are allready.. announced their retirement)
My advice for you tariq..please read a little bit more....
Its good na everybody is benefiting....
That is the reply I was waiting for from you. So its mean those player who are retired from internation cricket because of age,they have a place in IPl. What do thing I don't know that these reffered cricketer have already been quite internation cricket. Why they are playing IPL because of money. It has been proved.Dear Vineeth about my cricketing knowledge,If i will tell you who am I,you will stand up from your chair.Any way IPL matches are entertaining but value of T20 W.C match are more than IPL.
C'mon folks! A world championship is being decided and you are nitpicking it for entertainment! What can be more entertaining than seeing your country win? Do not keep dragging a domestic tamasha into comparison with a do or die assault for world supremacy.
Two white ants,returning from a film show were asked by a third. 'how was the movie',- ' you missed nothing, the book was better'.


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