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Guys, did you see a little bit after the game, he was busy in replying to "someone" and was white as ghost !

Who screwed his happiness ?
Is the kiss and hug he gave to katrina, just after the winning runs were struck, has something to do with this ?
Who was he giving a clarification ?
Was that someone . . . ?

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It seemed to me as if he put money over the play of his team and he was demanding for it now !!
he was quite shocked by the victory!!!!
Looks like he will get 50 - 60 miss calls from sallu today !
Lmao !

Blue pill !!!

Lol !
Dr Mallya will save his a** because he has got the moolah (hot cash!), I'm sure his team will do better the next time around, come-on guys, this is only a game, which is to be enjoyed and I don't see why there should be so much of fuss about the after-math of the game.
i think he was ordering more KF bottles for salman and co..............
and for him he dont need it as he was totally drunk
Did you notice the ol' chap was busy texting as well just before the WIN.
What else do you expect from a liquor baron?
Yeah it was u...u gay SON OF A B**** KDY!! Stop abusing forum members!!
Abe Sahil, this KDY idiot abused all my forums... It is time for some revenge!!
I suppose that Dr M is TIt4tat ??? Right bro ??? :D
Hey sahil bro lets clear our comments for a compromise... what ya say???
Atleast we will try getting these fools banned ???
But the biggest abuser is his ass called "Tit4Tat"!!


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