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Sunil Narine has been a story of the entire Indian Premier League. The West Indian spinner has been virtually un-pickable all season long. He has become the core player of this line-up, especially on the Kolkata track, which is more than a little receptive to slow spin bowling. Narine has shown that he has the ability to bowl at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the innings.

Despite the hype and how good he has been so far, this was arguably his best display of the season. That is saying something against a strong Mumbai side and in a hugely important game. It’s worth noting that this game could have really left Kolkata in a difficult position in the standings.

Narine took 4 for 15 off of 3.1 overs. He took the key wicket of Tendulkar and he also dismissed Rohit Sharma late on. Sharma was the last established batsman to fall as Narine and Balaji brought the Indians’ innings to a close.

Narine proved himself a destroyer and it is pretty clear that he is going to be a huge weapon in the big games of the playoffs. A long-term concern for this team might be that the playoff games are not necessarily on spinning tracks. The final is on Chennai’s surface, which is a batting track and Narine might struggle.

However, Narine’s performance was unquestionably man of the match award in this game.

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Narine has been inspirational with his ball. though some indian media have called him mysterious bowler, no one can deny with so much technology available today it is difficult to decode. A good performance is good performance


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