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Speculations, suggestions and questions have surrounded Indian Cricket after their dismal tour downunder. While many cricketing gurus regard Rahul Dravid’s retirement as a wise decision under the current circumstances, they suggest Laxman and Tendulkar to do the same. Having served the Indian cricket for more than 22 years and perhaps gotten to every record that he would have set himself before entering the International circuit, Sachin Tendulkar has surpassed the expectations of everyone. His statistics are beyond any comparison to current age’s player or even from the best from the past.

The great man holds the record for the highest number of runs in one day and test formats of the game. A batsman who virtually makes any field, any pitch feel like his very own. With his shear elegance and class, bowlers from all over the world regard him to be the toughest opponent. Is it the pressure that is getting the better of him? Well that’s a tough one. A man who has been around for more than two decades perhaps would know best about pressure and how to handle it. Cricketing experts believe that maybe it’s the ideal time for Sachin to quit the game with dignity and pride, but time is not far away when the little man would raise his bat one more time to get the applause from the crowd to mark his 100th International century. A remarkable achievement and a few could even dream about having such an illustrious career.

The debate has been in the talks for some time now. Is it really time for the great man to say ‘enough’ to the game or is he still hungry for more? Looking at his approach towards the game, and the focus with which he takes guard every time he walks to the middle answers the question. He certainly is not finished yet. The urge and hunger to serve the Indian cricket is still as fresh as it was back in 1989, when a sixteen year old teenager took guard against one of the best bowling sides around the world. Adding further to his critics, rather I would say those who believe that it’s time for this great player to quit the game, Tendulkar’s recent form with the bat where he managed meager 143 in 7 innings in the CB series in Australia was followed by a short lived stay at the crease for six runs against the Srilankan Tigers in the Asia Cup’s game on 13th March 2012. Even though he looked good with a crafty boundary of Kulasekara, he was unlucky to have struck a full toss straight to Mahela’s safe hands.

There are times, there are talents, and there are personalities who are their own best judges, Sachin in surely one of them. A man who has for twenty-two years made the game his very own and raised the level of batting to new heights certainly knows when it is the right time to say goodbye to the game. As for those who watch him play, who love the sight of Tendulkar’s exquisite drives definitely want him to continue for years to come. The entire cricketing world is anxiously waiting for the moment when Tendulkar reaches this new landmark of having the number of International centuries in triple figures. Just like they say, ‘Form is temporary but Class is permanent’, Sachin by far is one of the best the game has ever witnessed. It may take some time, a few more disappointing outings but the 100th is just on its way.

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