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I like his stratergy

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he is 2 cool while on ground
Rohit sharma is a great talent...He will be very useful for india in the future..But he should not have been in the indian team so early...He hasnt performed for india,he has just performed for deccan chargers in the ipl thats it..
I Think he has proved both in 50-50 & T20. Now he should be given an Oppurtunity in Tests aswell. As Dravid & Laxman might not play for more that 2 years, he can fill that gap. What do u say ?
He hasnt done anything special in fc cricket to get a test berth...Infact his avg was a mere 31 in the fc cricket in 2007,it was shocking for me to see him play in the indian team ahead of guys like badri and pujara who have performed brilliantly for many years in domestic.......
He is a great talent suitable for all formats of game. he should be given chance in tests also.
He is a good prospect...
he is neither excited nor too low in spirit..true professional and cares nothing about result..at the end..his contribution proved worthy many a times.
He should play domestic cricket for few more years before he plays for india..Cause i dont want him to spoil his career like laxmi shukla and others who were inducted into the indian team a little too early
He may be big hit in t20 but so far a failure in other forms of cricket as pointed out by Arjun
yeah...bt gr8 talent na?
Test cricket(if at all he reaches that level) only decides if he is really talented or not
yeah..it may take lil time...but he looks preety cool...
Why do u think VVS, Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly are held in high esteem by ex cricketers? It is for their exploits in Test cricket not t20. fame in t29 is temproary


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