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As Rahul consistently done well in IPL both seasons ...he should have included in World Cup!!

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Rahul is no doubt good but i dont agree for his selection in T20 World cup as younger player should get chance.
dont think so....
There are very less chances he will be selected for the T20 World Cup, He might have to prove himself in a few Ranji matches before he can make it to the International level.
Dravid was /is always in good for...do u immaginel 11 Gillys in one team...all players have there own roles...Rahul always perform it well!!
and Rahul have good patienssss...he can face critics and critical situatonss!!
So Rahul shall be included in T20 WC?
after seeing the shot he got out with in the final...one wouldn't include him in the national T20 squad...the game against chennai when he played a vital role was a low scoring game....he is a great tool to have in such games but one doesn't expect to see many low scoring games in the WC....
yeah but last yr in fainal game between RR and RCB he did blasting batting...just one match is not performed shd not decide the career for player like Dravid!!
just one match well performed shouldn't decide it either...
hay Dravid always play well...20-20 should not be meant for batsman...if good bowler is der...all wickets will b out in 10 overs only if all r doin just blast...der need such a batsman...who shd do fire work with cool mind also!!
he becomes a liability in high scoring games....


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