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He has played the worst in the last few mathes and he has been wasting the balls and playing like the test matches.

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i agree
Could not agree better
Why won't you agree? Except the match against the MI he has played nothing
i said i agreed

(could not agree better means greatly agreed)
Why you won't agree except the match against the MI he has not played anything
i said i agreed yaar but with different sentence that's it
a lot was expected of him which makes his failures even more bitter.........
In the last t 20 world cup he has done well but, for the encouragement by the people he has stopped practising and also not playing well
ya i agree bettr to replace him by gud bowlr
ya i agree....he completely forget the basics of playing.....better drop hi to play with school boys
why with the school players better with the street players
there's no good bowler at present there were but now no...


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