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Kolkata’s ground is making a habit out of producing bowlers as the man of the match and this game was no different. The pitch didn’t turn quite as much as it did in the previous game when the Knight Riders took on the Rajasthan Royals. However, the game against the King Punjab’s XI was still a bowling dominated game, and specifically it was a spin bowling dominated game. Sunil Narine played a vital role taking five wickets for Kolkata. He dominated the Punjab batsmen in impressive fashion. Piyush Chawla took three big wickets for Kings XI Punjab, which really turned the game.

This is why I completely disagree with the decision to name Narine as the game’s man of the match. Of course, he put in the performance of the match. His five wickets were a part of a superb performance and his delivery which got rid of Shaun Marsh was a particular touch of brilliance. I also enjoyed the presentation where Narine told Sunil Gavaskar that his father had named him after the great Indian batsman.

However, I object to a player being named man of the match, who could not win his team the game. Chawla’s spell was not as good as Narine, but it was his spell that decided the result of the match. His three wickets cut out Kolkata’s middle order and gave Kumar and Singh the chance to bowl against the Knight Riders when they were further through their order and had less behind them.

Naming a man of the match is no easy task, but I feel strongly that it should be a player who has had a significant effect on the result of the match and that only in special circumstances should it otherwise be awarded. Narine’s spell was great, but not special on a turning track like that. Chawla played a bigger role in winning his team this game. An argument could also be made for Mandeep Singh, who top scored and gave his team a good platform on a tough batting track.

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if there was a viewers vote to choose Man of match then i would have chosen Harmeet for defending nine runs  off the final over

Yeah Harmeet really bowled a great over. Nine runs is a helluva task to defend against


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