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RR will be the winners. I hate Shilpa but admire S.Warne.
No brother this time there is no probabilty that RR will be the winners this time . the time has bhi changed.. and Cup will be the DC....
myself ct dada the great
No way my brooo. DC will be the champs
oh i m in present but i think in to the future ,, and DC will have the cup this time because they are in greatt form and they will have to win the cup
hmmm.i think sehwag will havin ipl trophy dis sunday nite.....daredevillz
No wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ! Dc
kings punjaab
Deccan Chargars not King Punjab
hmmm well i think sehwag will b havin ipl trophy this sunday nite........///..daredevilllllz
Punjab will lift the trophy this time


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