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I am confident enough to say that I am one of the biggest fans of cricket. I love T20 mainly because it is exciting and ends in a few hours. The cricket world has become so much more fun with T20. It is super electrifying for the spectators on the ground or else just be another viewer watching from your own TV at home.
West Indies were the reigning champions in 2012. For me the most exciting T20 has been the 2007 inaugral ICC World T20 that was played in South Africa. India was the winning team with only 5 runs against the rival team Pakistan. But then they got to win the 2nd tournament in 2009 which was thrilling.Which is your favourite team?

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i like mumbai indians!!I just loveee T20, the fact that it is so fulll of excitement and players r all right there and audience on the edge of their seats....I like the aggressive attitude that gets the team through in the end....


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