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who is the best sachin or dhoni

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Thats no contest...sachin any day of the week
I agree Sachin's the greatest and stuff..But why are peopl calling dhoni selfish? what has he done?
i totally agree with you. even i think Dhoni is selfish
give me one reson why you think dhoni is selfish...just because he is not from mumbai or delhi
r u kidding me???
sachin's popularity is comparable to that of maradona, agassi or woods.
people in SA come to watch IPL cuz they wanna have a look at the 8th wonder sachin
dammit, i hate to say it but abt 75% of the crowd cheers for mumbai Indians!!!
Sachin is popular, but Dhoni is better looking! :)
Sachin wins this popularity contest hands down....
sachin...is the best player. because of It have lot of abilities which should be for the a good player,,,,

And he is a innings built up player...like inzimam ..jaywardane...michal bevan....
Sachin is great... we can't compare to anyone.... he is such a classic player & pretty good character
No daut iz Oldies !!!!!!!
sachin is best batsman but not a captain but dhoni is a good captain also batsman so both are same , but dhoni is best


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