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Hodge was obeying guidelines in being in hospitality suites

DURBAN: We have just seen game No 43 of the DLF Indian Premier League 2009 Season in South Africa. We haven't had any controversies, so the media has created some.
There is an issue being made about Brad Hodge. Whether he was sitting in the player's area or the hospitality area, has he violated guidelines? I just want to say something. We have a strict guideline in the DLF-IPL. It's very simple. If you are not in the playing squad, we recommend the players to go and sit in the hospitality suite.
Nevertheless the media has created controversy about it. We have investigated the matter. And as he wasn't in the playing XI, he was sitting with his wife and kids in the hospitality suites, which is where he should have been. He has obeyed the guidelines and so has the team and that's the end to that controversy. That's what we would like more and more teams to do, going forward.
As you all are aware, the Miss IPL-Bollywood is coming to an end this weekend. On Sunday night, midnight the lines are open. Do vote for your favourite girl and choose the final 16 that are going to be nominated to take part in the Miss Bollywood contest on May 23 evening in Johannesburg.
Do log onto www.iplt20.com and vote for your favourite. I am sure we will find a winner there. There are a lot of talented girls, beautiful girls out there and I am sure we will have a great winner this year.

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Chennai Super Kings Supporter
Comment by maheshwari on May 26, 2009 at 23:19
Dear Mr Modi
I as a South African Male extended a greeting to the Indian players and it seems that they are sulky and snotty i was with my wife they quickly returned a greeting to her but not to me - if i am a fan i must state that they appear to behave like some real superstars and the Public are nothing- i love cricket but our South African players greeted from the bus and appeared to normal and themselves- if you need some assistance on grooming them for such events contact me Mr C R Lall 08 44 92 4444 South Africa- i would love to work for the IPL its just that you MR Modi have such a warm and humble virtues but the Indian Players are unfriendly and sour by face- this i believe affects performance- Team Psychologist without the support of the public the event would have flopped and u and your team loosing millions attitude of partcipants need to be looked at CR Lall

Rajasthan Royals Supporter
Comment by RRTornado on May 25, 2009 at 9:21
Can you consider having best of 3 semi-finals and finals for the IPL? The goal should be to pick the 3 best possible teams to send to the champions league. Best of 3 semi-finals and finals will make sure to eliminate chokers and filter out fluke wins because one player had an unbelievable day and will make sure that IPL will send its best 3 teams to champions league. It also helps to make sure that the IPL finals and semi-finals are held in the same country where champions league is taking place because the best team in one country might not be the best team in another country. DC and RCB were in the last two spots in IPL 2008 at India while they are in the finals in IPL 2009 at SA. I am worried that they will flop again in India for the champions league. How can we be sure that these two teams are really the best teams from IPL for champions league to be held at India while they were tested at SA?
Comment by lats55 on May 24, 2009 at 10:58
Comment by lats55 1 second ago Delete Comment none of the bollywood selections are not worth voting.. i cannot understand, why can't camera pick up some good people.. since it is my first post in your blog, i would like to say the following.

First of all let me congrajulate you for making IPL happen.. i have read it in india times that , you are having plans to make 2 IPL in an year, one abroad and one in india.. which is really a good concept and which will definitely work 100%.. please go ahead with it.. keep the play in australia, England (so that i can watch), West indies..i mean all cricket playing countries apart from America and Canada.. it will fecth more money.. a wonderful concept..

All the best.

Chennai Super Kings Supporter
Comment by Arthi Purana on May 23, 2009 at 23:58
Tell you what, IPL is slowly loosing ground because of too much of advertising and marketign campaigns, It was a great torunament thus far and hats off to a good show in SA. But watch out and keep out too much of advertising like the DLF maximum & CITI moment of success, please let commentators be neutral. it gets bit of boring when you dont have some technically sound commentators in IPL...

Delhi Daredevils Supporter
Comment by Anshul Maheshwari on May 21, 2009 at 17:48
media is through with the elections ,now they will be trying to make big out of nothing, so we have to be carefull that these bunch of idiots dont make story to incrase there trpssssss

Chennai Super Kings Supporter
Comment by sportfan on May 21, 2009 at 15:04
why shud they have only a ms. IPL? cant you also have a mr. IPL from next year onwards?
if young and pretty girls can strut thir stuff, so can young and handsome guys. wat say mr. modi? and this will also attract more young girls to watch the tv programme if you are gonna have a mr. bollywood ipl

Mumbai Indians Supporter
Comment by Chary on May 21, 2009 at 9:18
Why dont you post the rules on the IPL web site so that every one know what is what. When ever there is a contoversary you come up with some solution. you are very clever. last year when ICC made comments onSRK you came up with some Red passes for owners. you are a very clever guy.

Chennai Super Kings Supporter
Comment by mahes kumar on May 20, 2009 at 21:45
mr modi.... what about the kings xi punjab team owner sitting in the dug out? she is in playing elevan?
Comment by a b t m k g on May 20, 2009 at 2:36
Lolita. How are you doing?

Kolkata Knight Riders Supporter
Comment by md masood alam on May 20, 2009 at 0:19
Better if you can arrrange some other format instead of champions league which would be in october i guess,may be 6-8 over match with some the rule which used in super 6 (i dont remember what it is called where 6 over only bowled and straight 4 & 6 are counted as 8 & 12)
I guess it would be more successfully then Champions league as we wont be able to see much of our indian player in CL because only 2 team will play from india.

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