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Beaming with confidence India reached the West Indies, only to face tough challengers and the sky-high status tumbled in just a few days. The two losses in Kingston make the standing quite vulnerable that equal number of wins will not be enough to give them a decent headway.

Unlike Sri Lanka and West Indies; India does not have the additional benefit to stand a chance to position themselves better even a loss won’t eliminate India's chances either but then the team has to perform to get all wins.

West Indies are positioned well by a decent score of nine points from two games and if they bag another victory, they are to move to the place of the finalists.

Though India deserved all the admiration post their victory in the Champions Trophy which was full of spunk powered by the young team; being the top team in the ODIs did not prepare them for the upcoming challenges.

The pinnacle performances by a few key players can’t pull the team in every tough match.

The team requires defence mechanism in place that can take handle any pressured situation.The self-proclaimed best fielding unit should not execute this poorly. India needs an unfailing achievement in a series of tough conditions, and then they deserve to claim the No. 1 ODI ranking top spot. No doubt that the young players in the team have been giving gradual and sure signs of reaching higher levels of performance that is noteworthy.

India failed to show the genius on the slow pitches at Sabina Park, the batsmen could not do well in the conditions. Sadly similar situation is awaiting them in Port-of-Spain.

What we need now is the team to add up. India's bowlers have no edge here, clearly getting battered by high scorers. West Indies bowlers are flourishing in home conditions. Hopefully the team will regroup and stand up despite all the circumstances.

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