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Just as Mumbai Indians players walked on to the grounds for the commemoration ceremony, Sachin Tendulkar shocked everyone while in conversation with Harsha Bhogle stating that this might have been his last IPL season.

"I had to wait 21 long years for the World Cup and six years for the IPL. It has been an enjoyable journey and it's never too late. But I'm forty and this is the right time to stop playing IPL," he said.

Sachin could not contribute to the last few games this season due to a tendon injury to the left hand.

Sachin Tendulkar’s announced of his retirement from the cash-rich Indian Premier League. He thinks this is the right time to stop playing IPL. The man said that he has to accept the reality that this would be his last season.

The iconic player told the presenter that he is happy that the ending was perfect. He thanked everyone and exclaimed that it’s never too late to win a trophy.

For Tendulkar, each of the six seasons with Mumbai Indians has been a fantastic journey. The present season was excellent. He said that this winning match was better played by them than their third season was.

Sachin Tendulkar has withdrawn from the ODIs in December right before the series against Pakistan and now his retirement from IPL has left the cricket fans wait till the end of the year when Tendulkar is likely to be seen in action against South Africa in a three-Test series.

Team owners of Mumbai Indians- Mukesh and Nita Ambani were busy with son and daughter’s graduation ceremony in New York. They missed out the team's memorable IPL 2013 final triumph at Eden Gardens and Sachin Tendulkar's retirement.

Nita Ambani has been a permanent member of the team, but she could not be there for Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell from IPL. Sachin was accompanied with his wife Anjali, daughter Sara and other teammates who took a victory round of the packed stadium in Eden.

Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, who played just 14 matches this season after being laid low by a hand injury bid his farewell at the Eden Gardens that witnessed Mumbai Indians first IPL win. Sachin said there is nothing better than this.

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