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Johannesburg: Just a few days to go for the India tour to commence, South African bowlers have started to prepare under bowling coach Charl Langeveldt.

The Protean bowlers on Tuesday participated in a thorough session under the watchful eyes of Langeveldt with the aim of increasing their workloads and mapping out expectations and game plans ahead of the 72-day tour which starts with the first T20 in Dharamsala on October 2.

"The T20s are the most important at the moment," Langeveldt said.

"It's a World Cup year and bowling in India is a different mind-set. There will be three T20 matches so I want them (bowlers) to be ready when we hit India.

"We only have one warm-up match and two practices then we are in the game. I feel that we have to start building it up so we don't try to overload ourselves by the time we get to India," said the former swing bowler.

The 40 year old bowling coach Langeveldt, said he has focused more on changing the mindset and awareness for the expected conditions, along with some technical and skills that have specific aspects which he does not normally have time to focus on during the tour.

While it is difficult to simulate the pressured environment and the conditions to be expected on the sub-continent, he said he has tried to create certain situations for the players to respond to.

"Some of the guys have been to India and played in the IPL so they know what to expect," he said.

"All I can do is to try and put them under pressure by asking them to maybe bowl four balls in the same area and change it up with a slower ball or yorker. It is difficult but we have to do the best that we can in these circumstances."

The chosen team to India features reputed names in the field of fast bowling who will be do their best for spots that are all three formats, an element which has the attention of Langeveldt and is a positive outlook of fast-bowling features.

"I think it's already happening," he said of the youngsters pushing for places.

"It's a good thing, it's what we want. You want a battery of bowlers who are competing amongst each other. If you have guys competing for the same spot everyone will lift their game, it's important that we have competition."

The Proteas depart for India on September 26.

Photo courtesy: www.rediff.com

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