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Why is MS Dhoni silent about the spot-fixing scandal?

At the pre-Champions Trophy press conference in Birmingham on Thursday, 30th May, Dhoni was sporting a smile and was in no mood to answer and tough questions about the IPL scandal.

The media present at Birmingham's Hyatt Regency had prepared to ask a few questions but were told to hush by the authorities and were restricted to asking questions only about the Champions Trophy.

The IPL spot-fixing scandal has the whole country doubt the credibility of the sport but somehow the Indian Cricket team captain MS Dhoni seems unperturbed. His silence does not seem very golden lately. The man was silent and let the questions pass by.

The Indian Captain did not speak -not even to reinstate the faith of people in Indian cricket. He should have spoken like a true leader and condemned the act that tarnished the game for millions of his fans.

Dhoni is India's most successful Indian test captain and has always been known for his honset comments. However, this time he seems to keep his position clear by not speaking against the BCCI chief N Srinivasan.

Tight spot for Dhoni

Did you know that Chennai Super Kings, the IPL franchise owned by Srinivasan also owns India Cements? And that MS Dhoni is also the vice-president of the same company? Was the Indian Captain directed by the BCCI to keep mum?

At the press conference Dhoni and BCCI were evading questions and the journalists were clearly not allowed to ask questions regarding the spot-fixing scandal.

The BCCI chief does not want his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan's name to emerge in the IPL spot-fixing scandal not realizing that he is already in a lot of trouble.

N Srinivasan continues to overlook and refuse any involvement and does not want to resign.

Indian cricket is facing a low phase and the integrity of the game is under the scanner. Senior cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid have spoken on the scandal, but it is evident that not just Dhoni; many are keeping silent just to be in the good books of the BCCI.

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